(1)Best Indoor Air Purifying Plants Recommended by NASA-Areca Palm

(1)Best Indoor Air Purifying Plants Recommended by NASA-Areca Palm

About Areca Palm:

Areca Palm is considered one of the most efficient air purifying plants. Areca Palm is a small ,cluster-forming palm from Madagascar. The plants graceful ,arching leaves and architectural form make it an attractive indoor specimen plants. It’s also non-toxic and safe for pets.The Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens) is also an excellent air humidifier. At 1.8 m(5 feet 11 inches ) in height ,the Areca Palm will transpire 1 liter of water per 24 hours.

The advantage these plants have is that they are adapted to tropical areas where they grow beneath dense tropical canopies and must survive in areas of low light .These plants are thus ultra-efficient at capturing light .Which also means they must be very efficient in processing the gasses necessary for photosynthesis.Because of this fact,they have greater potential to absorb other gases,including potentially harmful ones.

Health Benefits of Areca Palm/Eliminates:

Areca Palm plants helps in absorbing indoor air pollutants like Acetone,Xylene,Toluene and Formaldehyde which emits from petroleum products,paints and wooden furnitures.. A major source of Acetone indoor in from petroleum products ,nail polish,paints ,detergents ,adhesives and cleanser etc.

Xylene is also one of the major indoor air pollutants mainly accumulates because of poor ventilations ,paints and wooden furniture.

Toluene cause central nervous system disorders and necrosis mainly in children .Toluene also affects the pregnant woman and thus causes development disorders in newborns and fetus. Other common symptoms of Toluene in the body are irritation of upper respiratory tract and eyes. Again major source of indoor air pollution are the paints ,cosmetics and gasoline etc.

Formaldehyde is one of the many indoor air pollutants which emits mainly from cooking,smoking,cosmetics,paints etc.As per WHO studies indoor wooden furniture with Formaldehyde resin paint are the main source of Formaldehyde pollution.

Areca Palm plants absorb above mentioned harmful pollutant from the indoor air and provide fresh air. Thus helps in minimizing upper respiratory tract diseases cause mainly because of Toluene. It helps in proper development of children and fetus in pregnant women by minimizing the concentration of gas like Toluene,Xylene etc. It also helps strengthen central nervous system in children .

Areca Palm Care:

  • Grow in bright indirect sunlight with shade from hot sun.
  • It required proper aerated soil.
  • Provide plentiful water when in growth but reduce watering in winter.
  • Apply a balance liquid fertilizer monthly during growth.
  • Regular repotting and proper nourishment in every two years is necessary in avoid Areca Palm turning yellow.
  • Use a soapy water spray to control spider mites and white fly.

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